Screen Printing, Embroidery, & Custom Sewing

At Embroidery for the Soul in Monroe, Washington, we meticulously oversee each project. For screen printed shirts, we make sure the design is placed correctly and that we use materials at par with our high standards. 

We are detail-oriented and focus solely on creating a masterpiece that will leave you in awe. We are fully equipped with the right sewing machines and other tools that help create the perfect attire for your special event. In addition, we provide free pickup and delivery to local areas within Snohomish and King County, and lower pricing than our competitors.

Our satisfaction is your complete approval of each product we produce. We will redo, or replace items that are not 100% to your approval if possible. (We limit the replacement of items to items purchased from our catalogs, but do not replace items that customers bring in themselves.)

We provide color charts for thread colors, catalog for purchasing of clothing and we give our professional opinions on items we feel cannot be embroidered or screen printed and provide an alternative if possible.

See the list of services we offer.

Handcrafted Items:

  • Custom Sewing (Clothes, Cosplay Costumes, Renaissance Fare Costumes, and Small Clothing Repairs)
  • Prototype Sewing for Other Entrepreneurs

Other Services:

  • Custom Clothing
  • Embroidery
  • Screen Printing
  • Quilting Services
  • Heat Transfers
  • Prototype Sewing

  • Notary Services
  • Scissors Sharpening
  • Sublimation
  • Promotional Products
  • Hats, Cups, Mugs, Mouse pads, etc.

Addressing All of Your Needs

We are not a cookie-cutter business, as our services are made to satisfy your preferences. We always keep in mind your needs and consider your requests. When it comes to customizing logos and creating embroidered products, we give you full control of the font and color selections.

We strive to give customers a clean work so that they can tell us if changes should be made. In case this happens, we redo it on our samples until we get it right. There is no cost on sew outs for embroidery approval. We also give you feedback on what will work or not on both custom embroidery and screen printing, so you know how to proceed with your order.

Costume Sewing

Need a costume for the Renaissance Fare or the costume ball, maybe the Halloween parade? We make costumes, we can sew from the ground up, or from a pattern you purchase. 

Corsets are purchased and made for bars for the waitresses and for reenactment plays. We use a non-boning technique so the wearer is not restricted in movement, by providing heavy canvas underlay thus making the item stiff but form fitting.


Gifts are a way to say “Thank You”, a simple “You are my Friend”, or just to say “Have a Good Day!”

Embroidery for the Soul can whip one up for you. From a simple cup with a sewn cover to sit on a friend’s desk to hold pens and pencils, to a child’s playful pillow. Giving a gift made and embroidered is always welcomed and displayed and most wanted by the receiver as this project shows that the giver has put thought and love behind the item.

Here are a few samples of nice and simple inexpensive gifts we have created for some of my friends. Pillows for children – we make sure we use no plastic or button type eyes – we embroider all the face parts on the pillow thus no chance of a child pulling off the eyes and swallowing them.

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